Antoine Buttafoghi


Winner of international competitions and twice finalist of the prestigious Master Hasselblad competition in 2012 and 2018, Antoine Buttafoghi has exhibited his work in France, Luxembourg, Japan, Hungary, the United Kingdom, India, Italy and Brazil. Consultant and Professor at the University of Corsica Pascale Paoli, he has been teaching photography and associated techniques for over 20 years. He has worked regularly with the magazine “Création Numérique” as a specialized journalist.

By necessity, choice or bad luck ... loneliness can take many forms. Whether it comes from punishment or, on the contrary, from a reward, it can go along with freedom, but does not hate disarray! It is self-seeking or fleeing from the other, accepted and light or undergone and overwhelming. Intimate confusion or subtle balance! Loneliness as a fruitful initiatory experience, an inner journey, a lucid quest and which allows to generate a different relationship to oneself and to the world. Loneliness as an art of living that allows you to turn to the essential, connected to yourself, to the sacred, to the eternal. A wandering in the depths of being, a secret odyssey, a destination towards oneself... Loneliness as a last exile, a last salvation, an absolute silence. Alone in their environment, these characters isolated in their space or in their dreams, find themselves suspended in time, no doubt in search of somewhere else. They impose their scale on the plans, a life proper to the lines and a verticality too! And they would doubtless be surprised at the importance of their visual weights in the geometric balance of the masses.
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Banks of the Seine
The banks of the Seine and its quays are an intrinsic part of the beauty of Paris. They are part of our architectural but also our sentimental heritage. Built over centuries, the riverbanks and monuments offer an exceptional landscape; a source of inspiration for many artists, poets and writers.
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Paris Muta Silentia
A real museum, populated by a host of sculptures, Paris and its streets offer a permanent open-air exhibition. Wise as stone, but proud, these sculptures play their role as monuments with dignity. They observe us in silence and seem to invite us to turn our gaze inwards, within ourselves. For in this silence, in this calming of passions that allows us to shake off the illusory and the cumbersome, only the essence remains.
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Kalaallit Nunaat
Greenland is a land of contrasts, a land of extremes where the harshness of the climate is perpetually combined with the sublime. Its landscapes touch us, challenge us, and fascinate us with their beauty and strength. Here, a stunning silence reigns supreme and exposes a certain, quiet vulnerability. In this intangible immensity where everything seems limitless, the greatness of which borders on the divine, nature performs a spectacular cycle, with ever-renewed energy. Here, the power of these raw landscapes speaks to us, intimidates us and reminds us of the extraordinary story of the world's creation.
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