Éric Dabancourt


A child of the “Renault Company”, Eric Dabancourt grew up in Mantes-la-Jolie. From a young age, he took up drawing at the Maison des Jeunes et de la Culture de Gassicourt and later he enrolled in painting and life model classes. At 16, he took the entrance exam for the Auguste Renoir technical school, He graduated in Applied Arts, began designing advertising campaigns and at the same time joined a painting studio in Paris. He participated in various group exhibitions in the capital and benefited greatly from working with other painters. Having discovered the work of Giacometti, Soulages and Basquiat, he was inspired by their free approach. Over the years, his interest in drawing strengthened and became key to his quest for the perfect line. In recent years, he has sought out artists who, like him, are looking for the “light” through engraving and drawing.

The grains
In the rustling of weeds I look in front of me, looking for a moment of life. The sea and the sand share the horizon amidst a few clouds. There is no void and that’s the language I like at the sound of my steps in the water. I become a pilgrim during a tide to feel, watch, discover 20,000 places by the sea. My line takes on volume on a paper grained like sand. The pen marries some shells and my drawing takes a new destination…
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Earthly Links
My links are the structure of a life. They get closer or further apart over time. My hand guides my line, unrestrained and with conviction but also some uncertainty. Is this the right line in the right place, close enough or far enough not to be recognized in this white space where only the repetition of lines will sketch out a landscape? All the delicacy is there, in knowing how to stop without breaking the rhythm of the work.
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For this series, Eric Dabancourt’s experimentation take him beneath the bark. The envelope is gone; his aim is to create a dialogue between the solid and liquid, to see how far communication can be established. Trembling and fragile, the pen determines new links. Each deviation gives volume to what we finally see.
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Eric Dabancourt's links are no longer solitary, but grouped together in the form of echoes, waves of shock to society, our bodies are "metamorphosed" into a world without limits ... Our history is changing. links no longer share we are one person in the plural.
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The line is the driving force, carrying with it a progression, a series of dots obviously inter-connected, moving from seduction to seduction. And what happens to that line? What can become of it faced with the adversity of chance, a blank piece of paper and the capricious movement of the hand? My lines are parallel and unpredictable. They cross, touch and move away to find each other again. Each connection on the paper is applied directly and unceremoniously to get from “A” to “B” without torment but in a “timid” rapprochement.
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The Black Shadows
The light of the Black must, paradoxically, anticipate the plain whiteness of a paper without compromise. From it, emerges an emotion liberated by the controlled contrast of two colors who unify for better or for worse. Creating lights in black that become a material is a work on a thread, all in balance.
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